Waterpark Slide Race is a fast-paced, entertaining game that will test your motor abilities as you compete to reach the finish line first. If you are competitive and enjoy speed races and obstacle avoidance, this free online game is ideal for you.

Concentration and speed are required to win this game. You will win if you focus on the course, gain strength, and then fly into the air to shorten it. To gain money and stars, listen to music and accomplish achievements. Reinvest in your park and unlock structures with coins or stars. With the jumping action supplied by hikers, you can float in the air for several meters and land ahead of your opponent. This will reduce your journey time and distance. However, take care not to fall into the water and remain on the path. If you can manage this, everything will be OK. Simply run quickly in order to win this interesting and intriguing race. Therefore, give it your all to win the race!

How To Play

Click or tap to control

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