Uphill Rush returns with its eighth installment, Uphill Rush 8! This time, it's occurring at a water park! You will be able to ride jet skis, dolphins, wheels, and various other sorts of lifebuoys in the swimming pool. Choose a float and personalize your character before beginning the race. Race down the track as quickly as possible while avoiding collisions and sliding over the slides. Collect money and do tricks to improve your score. As you continue in the game and collect coins, you can unlock other character types and donuts. Utilize your boost and do not be afraid to kick everything in your way, even beach balls and other swimmers. Perform air feats and take on loops and ramps at full speed to raise your score. Uphill Rush 8 has 20 stages, dozens of outfits to acquire, and 32 vehicles to unlock in the shop, including various types of inflatable tubes, jet skis, and dolphins.

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