In Touch Drawn, it's going to be a tight and tight soccer match, so get ready! Can you cross the field without colliding and score as many goals as possible for the opposing team? It's time to test your football knowledge by plotting a route on the field that keeps you safe from opposing players and hazards. The ballpark is yours to use in any way you see fit; just get your player to the last zone safely. Create a line from the player to the designated area. When you finish drawing, the character will move along the path you drew without taking a detour. You may think the game is easy now, but wait until you see the next levels. When the defenders with the red rings arrive, the athlete will be immediately stopped if they are touched. Therefore, to score in Touch Draw, you have to go ahead with another soccer player and wait for him to finish his opponent. Pay attention to what's going on around you and show everyone that you are the best player in the world as the difficulty of the game increases and more players join your team.

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