Welcome to Mergest Kingdom! You don't think there's any truth to fairy tales, right? This story can't possibly be explained any other way. Assemble hundreds of items, complete hard tasks, harvest resources, and shape your island's appearance anyway you see fit. Try out several permutations until you find one that allows you to create the largest structures and grow the most fertile plants. To make the Mergest Kingdom the most enchanted nation in the Seventh Realm, we need your help in restoring it. Exactly what is it like to live in the Mergest Kindom? You will never find more incredible objects to combine anywhere else but here. The things you uncover on your travels, be they dragons, plants, diamonds, or anything else, can all be combined. There are islands full of merge magic and merge craft that will let you perform the largest merges in whatever way you like. Participate in daily tasks to amass cash and gems, mine a wide variety of materials from which to construct, and venture into huge enchanted regions teeming with the strange beings, fascinating people, and fascinating things that populate this boundless realm. This mercantile adventure is tailor-made for fans of merged video games.

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