The bloody trenches of the battlefield greet you in Stickman Warfield! Enter the battlefield to dislodge the enemy from your land and demonstrate that they will not find an easy victory here. Are you prepared to reveal the true war hero to them?

This is an intriguing tactical battle game in which you must dispatch certain troops to combat the enemy's soldiers. Before the enemy can invade your side of the battlefield, you must withstand the assault of hundreds of hostile soldiers and dispatch all available forces to exterminate them.

This free online game's objective is to reach each level's final flag. During combat, you can purchase units with money that is generated automatically, but you must choose which units to dispatch first and when to advance. There are rifle squads, submachine gun squads, and sniper teams, among others. Earn money in order to unlock and upgrade every sort of soldier.

How To Play

The objective of the game is to control your army to position yourself in each battle and to be able to eliminate the enemies that want to invade your territory.

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