Welcome to the best action and skill game, Stickman Hook Rescue, in which you become a Stickman Spiderman and must rescue a blonde girl using your timing and mouse abilities. Let us show you how so you can get started on your goal right away!

Save the girl with your hook and become the world's best superhero! In each level, a female is kept prisoner by a rope at the end of the level, and you must reach her, grab her, and then pass over the finish line to complete the level. To accomplish this, use the mouse to lengthen the hook. Be careful not to tumble down and dodge traps like seesaws, but also be wary of the villains, since the stickmen will undoubtedly shoot energy beams at you and you should avoid them at all costs! Also, by the time you approach the finish line, you should try collecting the coins and then using them in the shop to buy upgrades or new skins. Let the good times roll, and stay tuned for more!


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