Soccer Heroes is an unusual soccer game since, unlike FIFA and PES, it takes inspiration from the turn-based gameplay of Captain Tsubasa III for the Super Nintendo.

Exhibit your full range of football expertise. In this exciting football game, choose your favorite club and take control of um Jogador.With the flick of a finger or the click of a mouse, you can easily net goals. You'll need to be quick on your feet because you'll be in charge of both offense and defense.

During the match, the players will automatically advance in the direction of the enemy, as indicated on the mini map at the bottom of the screen. Anytime you see an opening, give your player a push to pass or kick the ball into the net.

You can try to regain possession of the ball in a number of different ways when your opponent is attacking, such as by intercepting passes, maintaining your position, or diving for the ball.

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