is a wonderful multiplayer snowball wargame with a Christmas and winter theme! What could be more entertaining in the winter than gathering snowballs and hurling them at the opposition while attempting to avoid their shots?

In this game, your mission is to eliminate all other snowmen from the map. Before beginning the game, you'll be prompted to input your name and personalize your man by picking a scarf and a hat (such as a Santa hat, bear hat, crown, or cowboy hat). Then, just hit the play button. You'll begin as a tiny snowman, but by sweeping up snowflakes from the ground, you can gradually grow in stature. In order to defeat your opponents in battle, you must grow larger than they are. If you want to beat the other players, you can hurl the balls you made at them. Your snowman is controlled by swiping the mouse, and snowballs are launched by pressing the left mouse button. In the same vein, do your best to avoid getting struck by snowballs. This is a high-score competition with no levels to complete. Take caution! You should avoid going toward the map's edges at all costs. Do not linger there for longer than three seconds. Do you think you have what it takes to build the largest snowman?

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