Welcome to Skate Rush Challenge! Prepare to feel the rush of speed on your skin as you ride your adorable skateboard across a breathtaking landscape filled with ramps, obstacles, lethal traps, and limitless cliffs.

The purpose of this enjoyable skill game is to last as long as possible. You will encounter a variety of obstacles, including deadly spikes, thorns, and any other object visible in the room! The true difficulty, however, lies in keeping up with the game's pace. When the image begins to move, the excitement begins! If you lag behind, you will fail and have to begin over from the beginning. Use your mouse or touch devices to hop over the obstacles. To make a single jump, click or tap once. To double jump, use two clicks or taps. Gather all the coins that you encounter along the journey. Utilize your earnings to unlock new planets and skins in the in-game shop. Good luck!

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