In A Red and Green Christmas embark on a trip with these adorable and well-loved creatures! Try to guide the two tiny red and green characters through the game's levels by sticking by them. Can you guide and support them throughout the game?

With their Christmas hats on, these two diminutive figures are prepared to take on any difficulties. But because they are so adorable, it is simple to assist them. There will be obstacles in their path, such as opponents they must avoid, lava they must jump over, and gaps they must traverse. Now since you are the one who will guide them, you should keep these types of hurdles in mind. The arrow keys are used to control the green character, while the WASD keys are used to control the red character. Play cautiously and make an effort to shield both characters from traffic dangers. You must start the level over if one of the pairs is damaged. As you travel, try to collect hearts and use portals to reach the other ends of the pathways. So, take a moment to unwind and attempt to finish the entire voyage with these two adorables!

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