Prepare to battle a variety of warriors in Your actions may be sloppy and feeble, but your weapons are sharp and deadly. Prepare to confront and defeat your adversaries. Can you demonstrate that you're the most fearsome and skilled warrior?

Take your weapons and ensure that every blow counts. You can choose between two distinct game modes. To begin, select a mode from the main menu and then click the play button. There are 48 stages to finish in the classic mode. The second option is the infinite mode, where the purpose is to survive as long as possible. You can attack your adversaries by just clicking and dragging your cursor over to them. When you score a hit on an enemy, their health will fall. Aim for the enemy's head for maximum damage. As you defeat your adversaries and complete stages, you will collect coins. Using these coins, you can unlock a variety of characters with unique stats. Have fun!

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