Puppy Jump is a fun arcade game in which the player controls a cute puppy that hops on platforms and chases down stray puppies. The higher your score, the more you jump! The game features adorable cartoon graphics, an extremely casual gaming style, and an infinite number of levels. It is simple for anyone to learn and play. Continue playing until you lose your leg and your dog falls down. Collect coins while jumping with the puppy, beat the levels, and unlock additional pups. How far can you travel without sustaining even a minor scratch? Gather several power-ups along the road that will grant you additional time and points, as well as allow you to unlock charming characters such as Shiba puppies, Corgi puppies, Pug puppies, and Bulldog puppies, among others. It sounds easy! But can you learn it to perfection in order to win the game and break all records?

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