In Penguin Hop, aide our tiny penguin in safely across the street. In the game Penguin Hop, will you be able to guide him through congested streets crowded with automobiles and trucks? Our amiable acquaintance is quite terrified; he has no idea how he got here and all he wants is to return to his lair with his family in safety.

To prevent dying while collecting coins, keep an eye on the traffic and how the cars are moving from one side to the other. Then, leap onto the road at the appropriate moment. If you don't have the confidence to jump onto one of the floating water lilies to cross to the other side of some creeks with a strong current, you won't be able to do so safely. Are you prepared to put your life in danger to return to your family? Remain persistent, take a deep breath, and prepare to surpass all other penguins in bravery!

How To Play

How To Play Penguin Hop

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