Penguin Bounce is a fun online game in which you control a polar bear. His little guy and you are ready to form a dream team. You'll be in charge of getting it as far as possible. The South Pole's companion's role is to ride the wind. And it's doing fantastically well! You'll be visiting stunning areas in quest of hidden jewels together. It's easy to prosper in such a lovely firm.

How to play

To launch your new acquaintance, tap on the screen. Touch objects in the sky to bounce them off. Avoid some of them. Ice, ice holes, and sharp slivers are among the things you should avoid. Attempt to avoid those difficulties. They can cause you to slow down or even end your journey.

On your journey, collect coins and jewels. Then use them to outfit your character with fantastic power-ups and weaponry. Another duty here is to assist your buddy in finding love. The polar bear is willing to aid you in your great task. It's ready to whack the buddy with its baseball bat. As you go, the bear acquires additional weapons.


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