Another World Cup season is on the way! Penalty Kick Online is an amazingly entertaining soccer game in which you play as a player who is awarded a penalty kick. Remember that you will have 15 shots, so use them wisely and score as many goals as possible.

How to play

Complete the trophy collection to display your online gaming achievements. While the player is shooting, you can use your mouse to click and swipe your ball. Careful! If you swipe too far, you may miss it! Move your mouse to the right and block the shot to play goalkeeper. If you don't solve a problem on the first try, you get another chance. As the number of goalkeepers increases, so does the game's difficulty. The team with the most goals after five rounds wins the game.

Tricks and tips

When playing goalkeeper, aim to block the ball with the back of your hand. Playing on the grid is usually the most difficult obstacle for everyone, and beginning players will try to block with their fingertips. If you're having problems blocking shots, aim above the ball.

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