Money Movers 2 is the second installment of the famous game Money Movers. Return to the prison as a rescue team, not as a prisoner! Help the father of the two brothers escape in this thrilling puzzle platformer, Money Movers 2! The prison was outfitted with different security features such as cameras, laser detectors, and tough guards. Our two protagonists will penetrate the prison and attempt to rescue their father while avoiding high-security cameras and laser detectors. They will also steal some money while avoiding detection by guards and surveillance cameras. You must control both of these characters in order to defeat the challenges in each level.

Money Movers 2 features 20 different levels with a variety of challenges for you to overcome. There are three money bags on each level that you must gather to unlock a bonus level. Escaping into a prison may be more difficult than breaking out, so be cautious! The guards would love to have brothers as their guests.

How To Play

How To Play Money Movers 2

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