In Jewels Blitz 5, you can become the king of jewels!  With all its beauty and brilliance, an incredible journey awaits you. Get your hands on these jewels and try to solve the mystery. Can you solve this puzzle?

This is a match-three puzzle with gems and precious stones. In this game, your ultimate goal is to clear all of the diamonds from the table at each level. To do so, you must hold and drag some of the diamonds to change their positions. The goal of this maneuver is to shatter the seals of three or more objects. When you match these objects, they will pop out of the table, and you will finally clear all of the diamonds. You will gain points for each successful move you make. Remember that you only have a certain number of movements per level. So, try to finish each level in that number of moves, and then keep playing and having fun with the many more levels that are waiting for you!

How To Play

How To Play Jewels Blitz 5

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