Hit Masters Rush is one of the most impressive new action-adventure video games.  The trendiest assassin in town has arrived, and he needs you to accompany him on his perilous quest.  Let's see how long he can survive with your help, killing foes and making money!

Ensure that the small hero can travel as far as possible by eliminating the bandits and their weapons in the buildings.  While he sprints and hops for us, help him jump, slide, and kill all the adversaries on the roofs of buildings.


Start by learning how to control your bald assassin: use the mouse to fire, W to jump, S to slide, and the spacebar to activate slow-motion.  While the player runs automatically through the rooftops, shoot the opponents to rack up a high score while avoiding being shot too often.

How To Play

instructions: W key to jump, spacebar to slow down time and Mouse Left Click to shoot Tap the buttons on the screen to shoot, jump and shoot

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