Do you believe you have what it takes to become a Goalkeeper Wiz? We hope you are confident enough, because right now we invite you to have a lot of fun with a game like this one. Put on your gloves and approach the goal. It's time to lead your squad to the world crown. In each match, your opponent will have ten shots, and your goal is to defend your goal. Your team will score one goal for every three successful saves. Can you become a goaltending wizard?

Test your reflexes by jumping from one side of the goal to the other as your opponents throw the ball, and don't let any of those shots through the goal, or your days as a goalkeeper are over. Will you be able to withstand ten powerful shots? You'll have the opportunity to lead your team to a goal for every three successful saves. Have fun with your favorite sport and declare your team the tournament winner!

How to play

Move the gloves to the area of the goal where you believe the opponent is aiming. Whenever you can avoid a goal, your team will score one. You will win the game if you stop a lot of balls.

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