This young lady requires your miraculous hands in Funny Bone Surgery! All Leah wanted was to be able to skateboard freely in the street. She found herself on the ground unexpectedly. You are the best suge in town.. You must assist her at all costs. Her injuries and fractured bones may appear tragic, but do everything you can to help her! Now gather your tools and enter the operating room!

Meet Leah, our adorable girl! She is a gifted young lady whose sole wish was to have fun skateboarding on the street. However, a horrible accident occurred! She took a quick glance back and found herself unconsciously lying on the ground. You are the most skilled orthodontist and surgeon in town. Take her to the room and begin the procedure. The initial stage is to treat the injuries. Follow the arrows for direction and use the tools at the bottom of the game screen. Things become more serious in the second stage. You will operate on the patient and treat the shattered bones. The third step is the most enjoyable! She is desperate to shed her old appearance before leaving the hospital. Choose the nicest outfits and accessorize them to perfection! Throughout the process, you will also be entertained by several mini-puzzles. She looks stunning now.

How To Play

How To Play Funny Bone Surgery

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