Flick Rugby is a simple and fun arcade sports game for rugby and football fans! Get as many tries in as you can without missing more than three times by flicking the rugby ball through the goal posts. If you miss three times, you lose. When you score a goal, you gain a point. Keep your ball from flying off in the wrong direction by playing the winds effectively. Gain as many points as you can. Compete with yourself to see how high you can get your score.

How to play

A rugby ball is swiped into a goal post to earn points in this exciting first-touch sport. To kick the ball, use your finger or mouse to drag in a forward motion.

You can increase your score by hitting the target boards. Additionally, when you go to higher levels, you'll face new obstacles, such as wind resistance.

Be careful; you only have three lives. After dropping all three, it's game over.

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