In Fishing 3 Online, you'll master the oceans! Only you can solve riddles and assist marine creatures!

Fish can only survive in water, but our tiny fish is suffering from a serious lack of water, and only you can save it. Help him get water to his fins by creating a path for the water drops to follow. Click or tap and draw lines to excavate the ground and make a path for the water to flow. Put this tube on at least one of the fish tank's openings so that water can get in. Collect all the stars and assist the fish with the aid of gravity. On some levels, you are unable to close the water valve, so you must carefully consider your next step before taking it. There are 24 levels on which you must remove mud so that water may reach the fish. You will be required to overcome every hurdle. Also, you must ensure that the water is kept clean; otherwise, the fish will perish and the game will be lost.

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