In Catch The Impostor, you take on the role of a brave constable who enforces the law. You will be liable for the museum's security. Due to the ongoing investigation into the museum's harm, impostors are not permitted. They intend to pilfer valuable items such as antiques, wine, etc. Therefore, your primary responsibility is to aid him in capturing the impostors. Our stern constable is fearless and determined to apprehend and imprison every thief. Are you prepared to assist him?

It is necessary to differentiate between museum visitors and impostors. If you capture the guests, you will squander time and not be able to capture all of the impostors within the time limit. Therefore, you must pay closer attention. The impostors will be wearing red and carrying museum objects. And visitors to the museum will be gray. Follow other impostors in order to remain one step ahead of them. This implies that you must take risks. Nothing is flawless, so seize every opportunity.

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