Bouncy Race 3D is a running competition in which you must defeat your opponents and reach the finish line first. Assume the role of a small stickman with a great deal of pent-up energy and prepare to compete against 15 players from across the world in a fiercely contested race.

In this race, you should attempt to win by never stopping and sprinting as quickly as possible. In order to advance in the game, you must compete against 15 other players and finish on the podium. Avoid moving obstacles and other obstacles. Collect power-ups and make use of the trampolines to bypass sections of the circuit. If you are able to successfully land on the course again, You'll be eliminated if you don't land back on the podium after jumping off the trampolines.

How To Play

Use your mouse, arrow keys or swipe to move your character left/right. When in a jump, use the same left/right movement to position the landing marker and land your character back on the track.

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