Ball Legs 3D is an entertaining minigame in which you compete against small spheres. You will compete against three computer-controlled opponents in a race to be the first to cross the finish line. Take control of your small ball and move swiftly while rolling, walking, and passing other players. Utilize your feet to traverse and tumble down the slope to gain speed. Can you win?

The player uses his feet to move, roll, walk, and ascend over obstacles and slopes to increase his speed and reach the finish line ahead of his opponent. Watch out for obstructions and impediments! Pull your leg in to diminish as the blocks approach, and pass effortlessly while leaving other opponents in your wake. Utilize your extended legs to leap over obstacles and reach other platforms. Extend your legs as much as possible, as they significantly increase your speed. Move strategically across the platform, be the first ball to cross the finish line, and multiply your score with a rapid jump! Acquire coins and access new skins and pins to personalize your ball!

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