It's time to show off your billiards skills in the 8-Ball Pool Challenge! Take out your cue stick, place the balls on the table, and try to win. Whether you've played this addictive game before or not, we're convinced you'll enjoy putting your balls in the holes. Have fun!

How to play

Playing pool at home necessitates the installation of a large pool table in your living room, but with this game, you won't have to worry about that! Your objective is comparable to that of an actual 8-ball pool game. Each match is won by pocketing your balls first, followed by the eight balls, before your opponent. The game's controls are straightforward, as you only need to use your mouse to play. Fantastic playability and ultra-realistic ball dynamics will revitalize your pool game. Challenge yourself to a variety of sleek new levels ranging in difficulty from beginner to pro. To gain access to new city bars, you must first grow your talents, improve your game, and overcome the resistance. This game has three different difficulty levels, each with a different opponent. The game is played in rounds. While hitting a ball, move your cursor around the screen to adjust the angle and force of your stroke. When you're ready, use your cue stick to hit the ball on the screen. Good luck!

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