In 5Roll, you roll your dice and score points! In this entertaining game, you must fill out a page with high points. Break a leg and defy the odds. Start playing now if you believe you're lucky!

Rolling dice is a simple, entertaining pastime that many people still enjoy today. The goal of this game is to accumulate as many points as possible on the score sheet. There are 13 separate categories on this page. Start the game by selecting it from the main menu and pressing the play button. The rollover button is positioned in the screen's bottom left corner. Click here to roll five dice. The sheet can be found on the right side. After you roll, your scores will appear in the various categories on the sheet. You can record a score on the sheet for each turn. You may obtain additional information about the categories and how they work by hovering your cursor over their names. When you click on a die, it will be locked in the bottom slots. This allows you to make alternative combinations to match the requirements for greater scores in the categories. Best wishes!

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