Train your intellect with extreme pleasure in 3D Rubik. The rule is the same as on a Rubik's cube in that each face must have the same color. Thus, how long will it take you to complete it?

It is composed of 26 tiny cubes that revolve around a central axis. Each row is comprised of these little, multicolored cubes: white, red, blue, orange, green, and yellow. The purpose is to ensure that each face of the cube contains just one color of little cubes. You should place squares of the same hue close to one another. You win the game when all of the sides of each piece have a single color. Move the rows of the cube by dragging the mouse over them. You can also flip the cube over or move it to the left or right by moving the surrounding space. If you are prepared to join this puzzle craze immediately, click the play button! Have fun!

How To Play

PLay with your mouse to swipe

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