Slime Rancher is back! Travel across the Slime Sea to discover the mysterious Rainbow Island in Slime Rancher 2, now available to play online! Have you ever heard of an island brimming with ancient mysteries and bursting with wiggly? Then welcome to the sequel to the smash-hit original that has over 15 million fans worldwide. In this first-person simulator game, you will continue the adventures with Beatrix LeBeau on a journey to Rainbow Island to unravel the island’s hidden ancient technology. You'll be able to build, ranch, and farm in a beautiful gazebo. You can also go hunting for new fruits and veggies on an epic paradise island.

Following the success of Slime Rancher, Monomi Park has decided to release Slime Rancher 2 with many updated different types of slime to increase the variety of the game. Are you ready to continue the adventures of Beatrix LeBeau? In Slime Rancher 2, we will leave the Far Far Range, the landscape of the first version, for a new place called Rainbow Island. This is a mysterious island filled with ancient technologies and mysterious creatures. Rainbow Island will have a bunch of new items to collect. This latest version, with its landscapes and new lovely slime species, will definitely bring you exciting experiences. Let's pick up the gun and explore the secret island right now!

New Slimes  

  • Cotton Slime: rabbit-like slime with big ears.
  • Angler Slime: water-loving slime with a light on its plorts!
  • Batty Slime: bat-like slime that lives in caves.
  • Flutter Slime: beautiful butterfly-like slime.
  • Ringtail Slime: mischievous slime with a habit of thievery.


What is Slime Rancher 2?

Slime Rancher 2 is a first-person simulator game developed and published by Monomi Park.

How many slimes should you keep in a corral?

You should keep a maximum of 5–10 slimes in a corral. If you want to add more, you need to upgrade the High Walls.

When was Slime Rancher 2 released?

Slime Rancher 2 was released in September 2022.

Is Slime Rancher 2 a multiplayer game?

Unfortunately, there is no Slime Rancher 2 multiplayer mode. Like the first Slime Rancher, as LeBeaux travels alone, this sequel also focuses on single-player gameplay.


  • Explore an indie 3D world
  • Slime farm adventure on the mysterious Rainbow Island. 
  • Collect brand-new slime species. 
  • Build a conservatory with dozens of corrals. 
  • Upgrade your bags, build new gadgets, and expand your gazebo.

How To Play

There are not many changes in gameplay and controls compared to the first version. The game's graphics and gameplay are already very eye-catching. The world in Slime Rancher 2 is Rainbow Island, a mysterious island inhabited by species of gelatinous creatures that come in many shapes and sizes called slimes. They are divided into many different varieties, each of which has their own unique appearance, behavior, and dietary needs. After being fed, these creatures create Plorts, a farmable resource that can then be sold for money.

As a rancher, you can capture these slimes with your vacpack, which is essentially a vacuum gun, and then send them to the observatory. You can prevent slimes from running away by placing them inside the corral. You also have to regularly feed them the right food, lest they get upset and try to get out.

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